10 Top Tips To A Healthy Office Area

healthy offce area

Keeping your office clean is vital for both health and safety reasons and staff morale. An office space should be a warm, inviting place to be. Here we highlight the top ten ways to create a happy healthy workspace.

1)      Keep Desks Tidy – Use desktop organisers to file away, pencils, pens and stationery. Not only will this keep desk areas tidy, it will also help reduce your stationery budget. Invest in notepads for notes; these are lot better than having scrap paper lying around. If you employees use case files or a lot of paperwork during the day using fileboxes with hanging foolscap folders which can alphabetized or filtered in any other way you wish. This can reduce time looking for paperwork and can also help other staff find documents if any employee isn’t around.

2)      Get Litter Bins For Under Desks – This can help keep a clean environment and will help staff stay productive and if you want to get really green, you can purchase different bins for recycle items. Office workers can have real messy areas especially if they are drinking beverages or eating food at their desks.trans 10 Top Tips To A Healthy Office Area

3)      Invest In Some Plants – In recent scientific studies completed by Virginia I. Lohr it was found that there is a strong link between physical wellbeing  and the use of indoor plants in the office. Plants have been known to reduce stress and change human behaviours and physiological responses.

4)      Anti-Fatigue Mats and Chair Mats – Anti-fatigue mats can help reduce fatigue in the back and lower limbs that can come from standing in position for a long time. By allowing the body to shift slightly this allows the blood to flow easily to the heart. Chair mats can help protect your floors from damage from rolling chairs which can cause unnecessary wear and tear on carpets.

5)      Cleaning The Desk – If you do not employ an office cleaner make sure there are anti-bacterial wipes available on everyone’s desks. Make sure you clean keyboards, monitors and  any casing to computer equipment. Make sure that you are very careful when cleaning computer equipment. As some chemicals can damage the computer casing.

6)      Kitchen Facilities – Make sure you designate someone to clean the kitchen facilities. Kettles, toasters, microwaves etc can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.trans 10 Top Tips To A Healthy Office Area

7)      Cables And Wires – Apart from being a trip hazard, cables that have become tangled can easily become dislodged or pulled.

8)      Lavatories - If you have a restroom in your building make sure this is cleaned at least once a day. Toilet tissues and soap dispensers should be refilled as necessary.

9)      Cleaning Supplies – Any cleaning supplies should be clearly labelled and stored in spill-proof containers.

10)   Invest In A Cleaning Company – If you find you don’t have the time to properly clean all the areas in your office, consider hiring a commercial cleaner. These professionals will know exactly the best way to timetable cleaning your office and will have been properly trained on which cleaning supplies are best to use.

Neil Maycock writes articles for Floor Mats Direct providers of floor mats

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