4 Essential Business Tools For Entrepreneurs In The Fitness Industry

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4 Essential Business Tools For Entrepreneurs In The Fitness Industry

The fitness industry in Australia is on the rise, with gym workouts and aerobics being the preferred choice of fitness recreational activity for Australians, second only to walking. The Australian fitness industry report 2012 also reveals that a 4% increase in revenue on average was reported by businesses; 24/7 facilities have increased by 11% and fitness studios have increased by 12%.

The growth is evident, but your business can be easily left behind if it doesn’t gain a competitive edge. Perhaps the best way for entrepreneurs to streamline business processes and reduce costs associated with data management is to use the fitness industry business toolkit.

Among the various business tools available, the most essential ones are:

1.  Social media management tool

Managing social networks is important for fitness businesses, but unless you have a separate team handling Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other sites, it would take a while before you can spark engagement and generate leads. And this can translate into a competitor taking away the potential social media following.

Thankfully, social media management tools like Hoosuite will allow you manage multiple social accounts from a single interface, and you can also see the community activity directly from the software. Hootsuite also has mobile and tablet apps, and the company frequently updates its service with new features.

2.  Financial tracking and management tool

A sudden rise in the number of members at your fitness facility can lead to problems, because it’s not easy to track details through manual bookkeeping for a large number of individuals. Also, a slight error in the records can cause financial losses and damage the reputation of the business.

It gets even more difficult for entrepreneurs who provide online classes or have to travel across different cities to meet different clients. Aspects of ABC Financial health club software indicate that modern software is scalable and adaptable to a business of any size, even multi-location gyms. Moreover, they offer custom and detailed reports for members and daily business operations, accessible from any remote location with an internet connection.

3.  Customer support tool

Customer support is vitally important for virtually every business. As the channels used for it have changed over the last few years, live chats and other proprietary channels to get in touch with businesses have grown. It can be a daunting task to manage the customer support process, and doing it the conventional way is accompanied by the additional cost of human resources handling each channel.

But you can easily use software like ZenDesk to streamline customer support across various channels, and also utilize it to get feedback from future customers.

4.  Market research tool

Finding out the desires of the customers and then fine tuning products or services to cater to those desires is what differentiates a market leader from a regular entrepreneur. A market research tool can provide an in-depth analysis of customer needs and desires.

Some of the offerings include PeoplePulse and Flog. Your company can conduct surveys based on the latest trends in the fitness industry among new and existing members as well as general consumers. Doing so will give you a layout of what would appeal to fitness enthusiasts in the next few years.


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