4 Interestingly Successful Lawsuits Against Hotels


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Holidaymakers and travelers put a lot of trust into hotels. We expect them to serve us food that’s up to scratch and keep our rooms nice and clean. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There have been numerous lawsuits against hotels and chains over the years, covering everything from food poisoning to sexism. Here are five of the most interestingly successful.


1. Women Only Floor

Back in April 2014 a court ruled against the Bella Sky Comwell Hotel in Copenhagen, thanks to their women-only floor. In what they thought was a clever idea to keep females safe when traveling alone, they managed to get sued for discrimination. The 20 rooms on one floor were specifically for women only. However, several men found this unlawful. It was taken to court and took three years to get a result. In the end, the hotel gave up the fight and closed their female friendly floor. We’re still scratching our heads as to whether this was the right outcome, in such a bizarre case. Either way, it has now become one of their biggest marketing mistakes.


2. Two Dozen Jacksonville Hotels

In a case of one man versus 24 hotels, this is one of the most inspiring lawsuit cases we’ve seen against a hotel. Howard Cohan filed 24 cases on January 21st, 2015, all related to the Americans with Disabilities Act. He believes that many of the hotels have failed to provide sufficient facilities for those with a disability. Something which is against ADA laws. Lack of disabled parking spots and entry ramps are just some of the things Cohan has complained about. Only some of the cases have been won, many of them were actually dismissed.


3. Legionnaire’s Disease

There have been countless lawsuits against hotels for the infamous Legionnaire’s Disease. There are even companies who specialize in these sorts of cases, such as thelegionnaireslawyer.com. However, rarely do these lawsuits ever go after large hotel chains. Back in 2012 a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against one of the biggest hotel chains on the planet, Marriott. It is thought that the man who died, Thomas Joseph Keane, had inhaled the harmful bacteria from a fountain in the main lobby.


4. The Other Way Around

We’re going to end this list with something a little bit different; a hotel suing a customer. There have been several cases recently where hotels have sued their guests for poor reviews on TripAdvisor. Some hotels have even made their guests sign contracts that say they won’t leave negative reviews. And, if they do? They can be taken to court. One such case happened in Canada at Hotel Quebec. After finding bedbugs, one guest decided to take to TripAdvisor and air their views on the matter. The hotel believed this was not providing advice to other guests and purely out of spite. So, how much did they sue him for? $95,000. Be careful what you write on TripAdvisor, folks!


It seems like hotels aren’t free from the compensation culture we have in the world today, but it makes sense. If these companies aren’t providing clean rooms and a disease free environment, then we should have every right to take them to court.

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