4 Things That Should be on Every Healthcare Resume

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The health care field has experienced extensive growth over the past decades and will continue to grow. One reason why that is there is an aging baby boomer population. While there may be plenty of jobs available in many health care fields there is always stiff competition. Writing an exceptional resume is an absolute necessity. You must sell yourself and get noticed. The goal is for a resume to showcase your technical skills and also your operational skills.

Whether you are applying for a nursing position or for a job working at a rehabilitation facility, the goal is the same. Your resume not only has to showcase your experience and skills well, but do it in a way that makes you stand out. There are four things that you should include on your resume.


It goes without saying that you need to make sure that your expertise in the field is clearly defined. The key is how you include this on your resume. Keep in mind that when a hiring manager views your resume they don’t know you at all. In fact, sometimes the resumes are scanned in and an electronic search is done to weed out inexperienced candidates.

The way to illustrate your expertise in a resume is to add a bulleted list of your accomplishments with strong keywords, specialty areas and other industry skills and phrases worked in appropriately. Highlight success stories or ways in which you have benefitted patients and employers.


Including a summary of your skills and experience on your resume can take it from drab to fab. This makes it easy for someone to glance at your resume and see important information quickly. You should use action oriented statements and include items that are key and unique in your industry. Some things to include in the summary are research that you have done in the field, training experience, as well as your leadership skills and experience. Always include quantifiable information and avoid passive language.


Another thing to include on your resume is a keyword section. This is especially important in the healthcare field as certain credentials are prerequisites for the job. Use this section to highlight certain computer tech skills that you have and your credentials. This can include your competence with certain software that is desirable in your field. Another option is to write a technical summary, but this is only beneficial if you have technical skills. List your experience with specific healthcare software and your technical skills in general .

Volunteer Activities

Add something personal to your resume by listing volunteer activities you have participated in. It helps show people that you are truly committed to your field and your career. While some people still include a hobbies and interests area on a resume, it is usually best to skip it. Listing volunteer activities on a resume will let the hiring manager know that you are willing to learn and grow as a healthcare worker even when you aren’t getting paid for it.

Dan Fowler is a healthcare administrator and guest author at TopMastersInHealthcare.com, where he contributed to the guide to the Best Master’s in Healthcare Administration Programs.

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