5 Steps to Revamp Your Embroidery Business for the New Year

Embroidery Business for the New Year

If you are the owner of an embroidery business, you already know you’ve got a unique business model going in comparison to other industries. If you’ve been successful over the years, you have already proven you have a great understanding of your target market as well as quality products that people love to purchase. A business in any industry, however, needs to continually evaluate themselves to ensure they’re keeping up with the times. What better time to assess your business than at the start of the New Year? That’s why we’ve come up with these 5 simple steps for you to consider when revamping your embroidery business this year. 

Embroidery Business 5 Steps to Revamp Your Embroidery Business for the New Year1. Revisit and analyze your business’ specialty
When you started your business, you most likely had a specialty item you offered. Whether this be quilts, dresses, tapestries, or dog sweaters (you name it, it’s out there!) you’ve probably been most successful in one particular area. Over the years as markets and talents change and develop, you may have begun to have more success with another particular item. It’s important to analyze where the strengths of your business truly lie, because your strengths and weaknesses can change drastically in just one year. Make sure to take the time to step out of your business and try to analyze your products with an unbiased eye to determine what’s best for your embroidery business’s growth.

2. Take an inventory of your machines and tools
As your tools slowly wear down, you may become used to using old equipment that can affect the quality of your finished products. When products are slowly worn down, however, it can be difficult to notice how worn your tools actually are unless you take the time to evaluate them outside of working on your projects. Take an inventory of things that could be replaced and purchase new items from quality embroidery supplies online to ensure your tools and machinery aren’t holding your business back.

3. Research trends

It’s important to always stay one step ahead of the game by being knowledgeable about current embroidery trends. While all this takes is a little research online, once the busy year starts this research time often falls by the waist side while you focus on filling your client’s orders. Make sure your business is prepared to offer new trends in order to attract new customers and keep existing customers excited about your new products.

4. Plan ahead for the holidays
Do your best to plan ahead for the holidays and crank out embroidery projects you may be able to sell in the next upcoming holiday. Depending on which holidays you tend to receive the most business, plan that much further in advance so that each month you can continue to increase your sales.

5. Utilize social media

Lastly, if you’re not on the social media train it’s time to get on board. Beyond the obvious Facebook and Twitter, make sure you’re also using sites like Pinterest or various blogging outlets to continually promote your business to new potential customers.

Revamping your embroidery business can sound like a daunting task, but all it really takes is setting aside some time to analyze your business with fresh and unbiased eyes.

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