A Day in the Life of an Event Manager

A Day in the Life of an Event Manager

An event manager easily has one of the most stressful and high-octane professions in the business industry. Responsible for everything from event security to scouting out the perfect venue and ensuring everyone and everything falls into place – event organising is a highly sought after skill. An event organiser is of extremely high value when it comes to company away-days and business events. Let’s hear it for the unsung heroes of corporate harmony and take a stroll in their tireless shoes.

Ready, set, plan!

The minute an event manager is given the green light to begin planning for an event, it’s likely that they will already have rejected 10 ideas and placed 5 on the backburner. Next, they will share and formulate these ideas with the client and begin shaping the event around a central goal i.e. celebrating a company milestone or revamping your business brand etc. Once this is decided, attendees and therefore catering and therefore venue facilities need to be considered and there’s simply no knowing how vast this tree of tasks and responsibilities may continue to grow.

2 weeks to go

We don’t envy the pressure faced by events managers in the weeks leading up to the all-important event. Decisions need to be final and set in stone and it’s impossible to make changes at this stage at the risk of disappointing many people. Once the venue has been chosen, guest accommodation and transportation needs to be finalised as well as budget reports, receipts and records – all of which need to be kept and updated to avoid future complications. Phew!

The Big day

Adrenaline kicks in as event organisers are automatically on high alert for any potential risks and dangers that could occur on the day. Much like a director coaxing actors from the side, event managers are the go-to guys and the safety nets to rely on when the day flies off schedule. And their duties don’t stop there. Everything from the day’s press coverage to the processing of surveys and presentation feedback is reported for further analysis. Truly, these people are the fairy god mothers (and fathers) of any company.

Watching the stuff of boardroom brainstorms come into their own in a professional and well-structured setting is all you can hope for when it comes to business events and thankfully, this isn’t something the event organiser will have to take directly upon themselves. Whatever your event type or scale, a quality structural supplier such as Neptunus may well fit the bill. Having previously provided temporary structures for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Wimbledon, Neptunus would ensure your sporting or marketing event goes off without a hitch!

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