Are UK Retail Sales at Risk?

The news coming out of the Office of National Statistics, our beloved ONS, concerning retail sales for the month of October was not encouraging. Supposedly, the UK economy was on a rebound once again and retail sales are always a good barometer of how consumers gauge the situation. In many ways, they speak with their wallets. Over the last several years, their wallets have been fairly muted, so to speak. Lack of growth, or in this case an actual decline in retail sales does not bode well for the UK economy, even though retail sales represent only about 5% of the gross domestic product. But in some ways, it does act as a barometer, giving economists and politicians an indication of better days are ahead, as evidenced by consumer spending. But in October, consumer spending hit a slight bump in the road.


uk retail 300x213 Are UK Retail Sales at Risk?


No Need to Panic

The results for October were really nothing to lose a tremendous amount of sleep over, unless the trend continues. The drop was only 0.7%, less than a full percentage point. Many pundits pointed to the fact that warmer than expected weather kept many buyers from doing what they usually do at this time of year, which is buy winter clothing. It may only take a few weeks of cold winter air to quickly change their minds. If we want to look for a silver lining in this small cloud, the ONS also reported that sales for this October were actually 1.8% higher than the same month last year. So, we can honestly say that the UK economy is slowly moving in the right direction.


Do You Hear Christmas Bells?

Arguably, the biggest test for the retail sector of the UK economy will come in the next few weeks, as the Christmas shopping season gets into full swing. Based on trends from the last several months, retailers are expecting to have a better season than they have had in several years. While inflation has been kept in check, hovering just over 2.2%, wages have not kept up, which means that most average households have less income to spend this season. Retailers are hoping that consumers will get swept up by the spirit of the holiday season and spend their money regardless.


Getting the Word out

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