Child-Safe Websites: Protect Your Children Online

children-internet-safety is an online community designed for parents who want to give their children a head start in life. Their community believes that children and their safety should come first; therefore it is important for parents to know how to keep their children safe against potential dangers – including that of the online world. That is why strive to provide parents with information on how to approach the road to identify (or create!) child safe websites.


Technology seems to be developing at a very rapid pace, and so are our children. Even at the age of 2 years, our children are being introduced to smartphones and tablet PC’s and there is no doubt that this development transforms family life as we used to know it. Unfortunately our children are not taught at school how to safeguard themselves against potential online danger, and parents find themselves pressed for time by their own demanding careers and general pressured lives. This means that parents seldom have time to gain the necessary knowledge as to the current technology and how to protect their children online.


Be Proactive

While parents may be apprehensive about their children’s online privacy, social networks, mobile texting, applications and video games, it would be wise to bear in mind that any method of keeping your children safe on the World Wide Web necessitates a cleft approach. The best strategy is always proactive. Parents need to educate themselves on the use of modern technology and in turn, teach their children proactive online practices. By doing so, our children will be better prepared to make positive decisions in the event that they accidently stumble upon undesirable online content. Parents should also understand that it is well possible for their children to find themselves in such a situation.

The good news is that there are several hints and tips available to parents who could assist them in educating their children about the online dangers and how to deal with it or, in some cases even minimise such potential risks by helping ensure they stay on child-safe websites.


Tips for protecting your child online

Homework is not only for our children; it is a necessity for parents and in this case, parents should research and study the technology brought into the home. When parents are pressed for time, they should consider a “crash course” in modern technology, features and trends by means of visiting well-known product review websites, or search for tutorials on the web. Parents can also install child-friendly software, web filters and applications on their devices, but it is still recommended that children are also educated on the potential online risks and dangers and to reassure them that it is good to speak out when they accidently come across undesirable online content.


Parents themselves should actively teach their children that it is not acceptable to share any of their personal information online – explaining the risks and reasons and not simply forbidding it without taking the time to explain the reasons properly. Also, they have to steer clear of mentioning when they or the family will not be at home, even when you go on holiday. However much your child wants to tell all social media friends about this exciting time, we have to accept that not all “friends” are really friends. Not all strangers that are met on the internet reflect their true self.

Lastly, parents should teach their children that it is not acceptable to meet their online friends in person; at least not without a proper background check. If you as the parent have done all you could to establish the true identity of your child’s online friend, meeting such friend is only recommended in public places. Never let your child go alone. While your child may think you “cramp their style”, they may thank you for it later on.


Be Cyber-savvy

Parents seeking to become cyber savvy can visit Embrace Civility for additional helpful tips and hints to create child safe websites.

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