Designing rooms for different types of tennents

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For an estate agent who wants to show case properties and target them to a range of different audiences, purchasing furnishings and interiors to use in all the properties you want to showcase could cost a lot of money, especially if you have different properties that you want to target at many different target audiences. However you always have the option to choose rental furniture that you hire for a certain price a month.

You should think carefully about the client that you are trying to attract when choosing how to design each of the homes or properties that you want to market as different groups of people will expect different things. For example, students may be happy to have basic furniture and be happy with plain walls that they can customise themselves, whereas families may want something a little less basic and that will hide any dirt marks.

Professionals will have their own set of expectations too. Here we have some handy hints for designing a home that will appeal to a number of target markets.

The Young Professional

Young professions may well have their own furniture to bring with them, but if you were to provide any for them they would probably want it to look smart yet fashionable, maybe with neutral colours. Choosing warm, but neutral colours for the walls, such as a warm shade of grey might also work well.  Try to keep things like the kitchen and bathroom looking on trend and modern to help make the property you have on offer look more appealing.

The Family

When it comes to home decor families will want something that is both easy to clean and easy to keep it tidy in the first place. They might prefer a patterned carpet and a darker sofa that will not show stains quite so easily. Choosing flooring that can be cleaned with a mop or broom in doorways and hallways is also a good idea to make it easier to get rid of any muddy foot prints.

The Students

If you’re trying to rent a property to students, you can probably keep it plain and simple. Many will be happy with basic furniture and happy with plain walls that they can accessorise to their own taste themselves.

Each home or property should be designed to a taste that will suit its target market, rather than the landlord or estate agent.

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