Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your SEO Clients Happy


Anyone who runs an SEO company will understand how difficult it can be to keep their clients happy. Some people simply don’t understand the industry, and so they tend to expect too much from their investment. That can be a real problem, especially when you consider that over 80% of sales in the average business come from repeat custom.


So, you need to start thinking of ways you can limit the amount of clients who provide negative feedback. In most instances, you will have done a fantastic job. It’s their lack of understanding that causes the issues. Considering that, you might like to make some changes to your approach based on our advice.


Provide accurate details about your services


Most business owners will attempt to make their brand seem better than it is. However, that is a bad mistake to make in the SEO and marketing industry. You need to be completely open and upfront about the way in which you operate. You also need to accurately explain the type of results you can create. If you do that, the people buying your time should be a little less disappointed if they only move a few positions on Google. At the end of the day, increasing ranking by a single position is impressive. It’s just that some of your clients might not see it that way. Education is one of the best ways to keep them happy.


Go above and beyond what your clients expect


If you promise a client that you will improve their rankings for certain keywords, you should always make modest projections. That way, they will be impressed if you manage to get better results. That might mean you have to arrange a few more backlinks than you had agreed with the client, but it isn’t going to take a lot of effort. All SEO companies should create processes that help to speed everything up. So, it is entirely possible that sending an extra email to your list of bloggers could make all the difference. You can do that in seconds, but it could make the client happy for months.


11 Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your SEO Clients Happy

Present the client with reports that highlight your efforts


Most business owners won’t have the desire or inclination to spend time looking through Google and checking their rankings. That is why you need to present them with reports when the job is complete. Standard SEO reporting should contain information relating to rankings before you started working on the site. It should also contain details of any improvements made. You don’t want to do all that manually though. There are many software tools that can be used to make everything a little more simple. You just need to find the best ones and get them installed on your machines as quickly as possible. That way, you could automate most of the work carried out to create the reports.


Now you know everything about the best ways to keep your SEO clients happy, you shouldn’t have to deal with too many negative emails. So long as you explain your services without exaggerating, nobody can complain about the impact you’ve had on their rankings.


Saffa Alaa

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