Go Green in 2014

go green

 Businesses are fundamentally about making money. However these days, they must also consider the implications of their activities on the environment. Fortunately from a financial perspective, this is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, going green in most cases will actually save your business money, as well as earning it respect and approval from customers and peers. By reducing your company’s carbon footprint, recycling materials and using more sustainable power sources, you can both save money and do something positive for the environment.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


One of the chief contributors towards climate change are the emissions made by vehicles. So consider now how vital it is that you travel by car to get to work or a business meeting? Could you not catch public transport instead? Airplanes are the worst of all vehicles in terms of their effect on the environment. So must you catch one in order to have a face-to-face meeting that could quite easily be done via Skype? Such choices will often be cheaper in addition to the obvious benefits for the environment.


Recycle Recycle Recycle


The vast majority of successful businesses will have firm systems in place regarding the recycling of used materials. Most will send their waste paper to a recycling company like Lombard Recycling and therein will feel that they have done their part for the environment. However you can do more. Recycling doesn’t just mean responsible management of your own waste. Why not ensure that your business uses recycled materials as well? Paper, business cards and a whole host of other supplies made from recycled materials are available and are often cheaper as well.


The Power of Solar


The high demand for electric power and the continually rising price of oil has in recent times led numerous businesses to view solar power as a cost-effective and highly-efficient alternative to more traditional sources of power. And not only do they save money for businesses, but they require far less maintenance than their more conventional counterparts. In addition to this, solar power systems are generally visible as well, meaning that potential clients will be able to recognise your concern for the environment.


Change Is the Only Option


Since the realisation of climate change, businesses simply cannot afford not to consider the implications of their actions upon the environment. Not only will old methods be bad for the environment, but they will also become increasingly bad for business, as people become less and less inclined to support companies who show no concern for these important issues.

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