Has Your Company Vehicle Been Involved in an Accident? Read On



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As a business owner, you’re used to putting out fires and dealing with disaster situations. That doesn’t make them any less frustrating and difficult to deal with when new ones arise though. A car crash involving a company car can be particularly hard to deal with.


The first thing to establish is the extent of the damage. Your first concern will, of course, be for the people involved. Nobody wants to see people get hurt. But as soon as you know that there are no serious injuries, your attention inevitably turns to the cost to your business. If you want to know which steps to take, read through this guide.


Who Was at Fault?


Before you can know what happened, you need to establish what went wrong and led to the car crash. Talk to everyone involved and get their stories. If you’re on the scene pretty quickly, you could try to talk to eyewitnesses for an objective view of the situation.


If the police involved they might do their own investigations into any irregularities or offences, so you won’t have to. But if it’s a purely civil matter, you’ll need to find out exactly what happened.


Were You or an Employee Hurt?


If you or an employee was injured in the car accident, you might want to look into securing compensatory payments for yourself or the injured employee. Some states like California operate comparative fault laws. This means that if another driver was in any way at fault for the injuries suffered, you would be able to claim compensation.


If this law could apply to your case, get a good lawyer, and you should be able to claim the money you’re owed.


The Importance of a Good Insurer


As soon as an accident occurs, you should report it to your insurer. A lot of insurance companies operate a time limits and when you pass the limit, they won’t let you claim for the accident you were involved in.


It doesn’t matter who was at fault for the accident; your insurer must be notified. Make sure your insurer is of good repute and pays out swiftly when claims are made.


Get Evidence


The first thing to do after the accident is to take down some notes. You should write down the time and date, as well as the details of all vehicles involved, injuries, damage sustained and the details of police officers on the scene.


It’s also a good idea to take photographs of the accident, so you have solid evidence of what happened. The photos may be useful later one. We all have cameras on our phones nowadays, so it’s not much trouble to do.


Try to Be Civil With Other Involved Parties


Emotions can run high after a car accident, but it’s traumatic for everyone involved so try to be sensitive. You won’t achieve anything by being brash and argumentative with the other parties involved in the incident. Being polite and civil while remaining calm is always the best tact to take.

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