Health and Safety: Providing the Right Facilities in Your Business

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Providing the right welfare facilities in any business is a must. Can you really afford to not have the right facilities in place? Your health and safety officer would go nuts. It’s vital that you have the right welfare tools in place to promote an active, happy and safe culture within your workplace. After all, you can cut corners and forgo these essential pieces of kit. But, you will find yourself embroiled in a PR scandal.

Sorry, we didn’t mean to frighten you.

Think about it logically: having a clear, well-defined health and safety policy is important. But, as an employer, you need to make sure that you are creating a safe environment too.

Here are some of the facilities that your business must provide.


Appointing the Right People

Selecting the right people for the role of health and safety officers can be a good way of promoting a healthy working environment. Having a designated person is a blessing. They can oversee the daily health and safety tasks. But, they can also ensure that everyone is towing the line when it comes to health and safety matters. More importantly, they can report to you when health and safety is not being performed. This may mean that you need to invest in new equipment, or simply fix what you have in place. Having a designated officer can save you a lot of time. But, your employees have a go-to person when things are not as they should be.


Welfare Facilities

Having the right welfare facilities in place is a must for any business. Toilets, drinking water and a changing room are a must. You need to ensure that you are providing your employees with a rest room or canteen. You don’t have to have an operational restaurant serving food. But, you do need to ensure that you have a separate space for rest periods and breaks. After all, no one should have to eat at their desk.


PPE and Clothing

Having PPE and special work-based clothing is a must. Not only does this protect your workforce from dangerous chemicals, but it promotes a healthy working culture. Eye protectors, comfortable lab coats, helmets and ear defenders are all significant forms of PPE. Of course, what you implement in your business will depend on the industry that you serve. If you run a construction firm or an engineering plant, these forms of PPE are going to be a must. Don’t skimp on PPE. It’s a must that you protect your employees as well as protecting your physical business.


79 Health and Safety: Providing the Right Facilities in Your Business

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Reducing Health Issues

Promoting a healthy working environment is not just good practice, it’s the law. Reducing health risks within your employees is imperative. Make sure that you are ventilating the work areas. A supply of fresh air can ensure that your team are happy, healthy bad productive. You need to create a reasonable working temperature too. If it’s too hot or too cold, you are not going to have a healthy team of employees. All of these things are essential. After all, you don’t want a team to be off with sickness and bugs. Creating a pleasant working environment is a business critical approach you need to adopt.


What will you adopt in your business?

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