Hiring Contractors or Freelancers Online? You’ll Want to Read this First


Freelancers are not a new thing, but they have begun to make up an increasingly substantial portion of the workforce. Contracting with a freelancer can save you a good bit of money over hiring a full time employee. You won’t be responsible for unemployment payments, health insurance or other benefits, or matching earnings taxes. A freelancer is responsible for all of their own expenses.

Sometimes, you may find it necessary or beneficial to contract an overseas freelancer. You may need a publication written in a specific language or it could be that the best graphic designer for your needs lives in London. In some cases, the exchange rate means you can get quality work for much less than you could hire a domestic freelancer for.

Even so, there are certain precautions you should take to ensure you establish a good working relationship and avoid being scammed out of your money. Follow these tips:

  • Do a Thorough Investigation. If it’s a small, one time job, then you may be willing to risk a small loss in the name of convenience; however, if you are looking to contract with someone for a large project or on a long-term basis, it’s prudent to be sure of who you’re working with.If that London-based graphic designer wants a significant deposit before beginning your work, hire a UK private investigator to make sure he or she is legitimate. Follow the same steps you would take as if you were hiring a full-time employee to represent you or your company.
  • Go Through a Freelancing Service. If you’re not ready to hire a private investigator company, but you still need the work done, consider posting your needs through a freelancing site. Many of these types of sites will allow you to post your project for free or for a small membership fee. Since freelancers from all over the world often frequent these sites in search of work, you’ll likely have a lot of interest in a fairly short time.Just remember you get what you pay for and set your budget accordingly. Most of these sites have some type of protection in place for both clients and freelancers, so you’re less likely to get scammed than you would if you hired independently.
  • Make Communication a Top Priority. Many independent contracting relationships gone bad could have been mutually beneficial arrangements, if only proper communication had been in place. When you make a decision to contract with someone, be upfront and thorough about what your expectations are, your requirements, what you’re willing to pay, how you’re willing to pay and when you expect to have the work completed by. It doesn’t hurt to draft a contract detailing these specifics so both you and your freelancer have protection if things go south. Don’t nag about progress, but do feel free to check in periodically, and make yourself available to answer any project questions.

Now that you know a little bit about how to hire overseas workers and the value of hiring a UK private investigator to do a thorough contract investigation while youre away to help you with employment screening. This post brought to you by Shane.

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