How Customer Service Can Drive Business Growth

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If you are like the vast majority of small business owners in the UK, you may well consider customer service to be one of the most challenging aspects of operating a venture. Not only is it commonly associated with disgruntled and dissatisfied consumers, for example, but it can also cost a significant amount to execute a purposeful customer service strategy.


Not according to business mogul Seth Godin, however, who last year penned an interesting post suggesting that customer service should be considered as a ‘scalable way to delight.’ More specifically, this philosophy encourages small business owners to reinvent their approach to customer service and consider it as a viable marketing opportunity.


A Scalable Way to Delight for Small Business Owners


This concept has been evolved considerably, with firms like Zappo having even moulded their entire business culture around the customer service that they deliver. Essentially, it suggests that advertisers and marketers can find it difficult to make themselves heard within a competitive market, as some techniques require them to contact consumers when they are busy or focused on other tasks. Customer service representatives, on the other hand, have a unique opportunity to engaged with consumers when they are motivated and engaged with the firm.


This therefore represents an innovative and low-cost marketing opportunity, which enables businesses to interact with individuals at a time when they have their undivided attention. This is diametrically opposed to the vast majority of traditional marketing strategies, as techniques such as cold calling and approaching potential customers in the street usually expose brands to criticism and hostility. With this point alone in mind, it seems sensible to re-educate your customer service representatives and empower them as real-time marketing strategists.


How Scalable Customer Service Can Empower your Business


While it may seem logical to create a customer-service focused culture within your business, however, how should you approach this as an entrepreneur? As a starting point, you should analyse the way in which your customer service representatives currently interact with consumers, using call logging and recording software to capture real-time conversations. The devices can be sourced relatively cheaply from suppliers such as Lanonyx, while the data that they record can be used to reveal any areas for improvement in the way in which your business treats customers.


Once you have a clear understanding of where you stand, you can begin to consider retraining your customer service staff and challenging their approach to satisfying consumers.

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