How to build a reputation as a green business

green business

In spite of the recession, the buzzword of the last fifty years has undoubtedly been ‘prosperity’. However, one of the less welcome results of prosperity is waste generation and it presents a problem which companies – big and small – have to find ethical ways to tackle.


But reducing the amount of rubbish we produce is no longer just a matter of environmental concern; it is also a PR issue. In order to build a solid customer base and breed positivity around your brand, it has now become vital to consolidate the reputation of your company as an ethically responsible body.


Although scientific and environmental bodies continue to research alternative methods for waste disposal, there are several steps you and your business can take today to begin building a name for yourself as a green business. In this article, we outline three of them.


  1. Audit your rubbish

Whatever role you have in the company and whatever you do every day, you will generate rubbish. Notice a typing error on a letter? Rubbish. Print out several sets of minutes for a meeting? Rubbish. To keep waste down to a minimum the best thing to do is to start tracking where the most waste is generated and find out if it can be recycled or disposed of ethically. For example, the letter with the mistake can be put into a recycling bin or used for notes and the minutes can be put on a USB and screened on to the wall. These changes are small but highly significant.


  1. RecycleAt times recycling can seem tedious, but in an office with several departments each made up of ten employees, waste soon adds up! Make sure appropriate recycling bins are posted in the recreational areas of the workplace and add a composting bin to any kitchen areas. Food accounts for a huge proportion of the nation’s collective waste. If used up through composting, the daily wastage output of your workplace could start to decrease considerably.


  1. The benefits of waste compaction


Waste compaction (the process of using machinery to crush your rubbish down to size) is an excellent way to help conserve spaces that get used up as landfill sites. Although it might not be practical for your company to buy and house a static machine, using Thetford International Waste Compactor Rental not only cuts costs, it also allows you to do your little bit for the planet and simultaneously improve the safety and hygiene of your work environment.

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