How to find the right personalities for your organisation

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Recruitment is one of the trickiest parts of running a business – the right hiring choices can set you up with a great team and years of success, but one wrong move could result in a considerable cost to your organisation, as well as lost time and resources as you train and re-train new members of staff.

So how do you make good choices when it comes to recruitment? There are a number of important things to think about beyond a person’s basic skill set – including whether or not their personality is a good fit for your organisation.

Ask the right questions

The interview stage is where the employer and the prospective employee can determine whether they are mutually a good fit – and part of ensuring that this process is successful is asking the right questions.

In addition to ensuring the candidate has the right skills for the job, you might also want to try to get a good feel for their personality to see whether they would be a good fit for your company. A useful way to do this is to ask them a scenario-based question. For example: “Can you talk me through the steps you would take if you got a complaint email from a client?”

Hearing the answer to questions like this can help you get an impression of the candidate’s problem-solving skills, and also offer valuable insight into their personality. This may help you determine whether they will work well with others in your organisation and be a good match for your company culture.

Try a personality test

In some cases, it might be necessary to go even deeper than standard interview questions. These instances could call for a personality test, which can take a variety of forms. One of the most famous, of course, is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, although there are many others.

Personality tests have important benefits in that they can give you a relatively quick insight into a person’s strengths and weaknesses. In fact, the ‘people-oriented’ nature of most personality tests is precisely why they are so popular – and can help you to create teams of people who complement each other and work well together.

Set up a smart training programme

Finding the right people is just part of the battle – the next step will be to make sure your company makes every effort to set them up for success.

The best way of doing this is to establish a comprehensive training programme that gives them the tools they need to carry out their day-to-day work. From learning the basics – where the kitchen is, how to access work emails, etc – to more complicated tasks like formatting reports or developing specialist skills, comprehensive training programmes should help new recruits perform as well as they can on the job.

The value of rewards

Nurturing your various personalities with training can create a dynamic and responsive team, but have you thought about ways to keep your staff around for the long haul? Corporate gifts can be a great way to reward your team and can represent important benchmarks to work toward.

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