How to Gauge the ROI for Social Media Marketing


When it comes to gauging the Return on Investment (ROI) for social media marketing, new methods are being devised and the process is becoming more refined. Here is how you can gauge the ROI for your social media marketing campaign. 

Social Media ROI 300x239 How to Gauge the ROI for Social Media MarketingMeasuring Stats 

The most common way to gauge your social media ROI is to keep  track of how many ‘likes’ you get on Facebook, followers you  get on Twitter, the number of shares you get, and the number of times Internet users click on your domain.


Oktopost is the newest way to determine your social media marketing ROI. This cost-effective platform lets you monitor the activity on your social media pages. With the advanced capabilities Oktopost has at its disposal, both clicks and conversions can be traced to a specific post on a social media site like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. This has become a powerful ROI social media tool for businesses.

Users of Oktopost have the ability to schedule new posts to go live at any time of the day or night, right down to the precise second the post is to be released. The Autoposter feature lets you schedule social media campaigns by simply clicking a button. Links in messages are automatically tracked using Oktopost.

When you want to post the same message on many different social media sites Oktopost allows you to do so. This makes the gauging of ROI an easier and more precise process.

Oktopost is also very good at archiving the messages you send. It creates a library that holds every message you post on social media sites. Automated messages can be saved and sent out whenever you schedule them. The social inbox feature of Oktopost allows you to read and respond to all of your followers from one convenient location. This eliminates having to go to each separate social media site to gauge for ROI.

Analyse Your Key Data 

Analysing important information relevant to your social media campaigns is another method of gauging your ROI. By monitoring traffic to your website and the action on your social media pages you will better determine your campaign’s ROI. 

Assessing Your KPI 

Assessing your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will give you a clearer picture of the progress you are making in your social media marketing endeavours. Your success metrics can be determined by analysing your KPI.

As long as you are using a relevant KPI you will receive relevant and usable information. KPIs should be assessed frequently to make sure your social media campaigns are still on the right track and continue to give you the results you’re looking for. If they are not, you will want to take a closer look at your KPIs to see what needs to be adjusted.

Space& Time is one of the professional firms which can help you gauge the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns. This is an excellent way to use social media to your advantage and to target potential regular customers. It does it without the stress and the time investment required by doing it yourself.


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