How to reduce the stress of traveling for business


The world has become a lot smaller with the global nature of business.  From small companies to Fortune 500 companies, you can have customers, employees, and collaborative partners across the globe. Advances in computing speed and power, worldwide networks, and technology applications have created the opportunity to quickly and easily meet via visual communication platforms; making staying connected an easy task. 

traveling for business How to reduce the stress of traveling for businessHowever, even the savviest advanced technology cannot replace the power and impact of face to face interaction.  This being said, business travel remains a top source of time expenditure and stress for leading companies in every industry.  The payoff of traveling to maintain important business connections is significantly increased the more you can reduce the stress of travel.

A few ways to reduce the stress of business travel for your team include:

  1. Designating a travel specialist for your company or division
  2. Taking private charters
  3. Creating travel de-stress packs

Designating a travel specialist for your company or division

The administrative professionals in your company or business unit are skilled in creating systems and processes that enable your business to run well.  Make travel easements a key part of this lineup.  Chances are, if your team is traveling frequently enough to feel high levels of travel stress, you are working on long term projects in pre-identified states, regions and countries.  Your administrative team can decide who will become a travel specialist on the team to become an attaché on all the latest perks and tips for making travel easier, faster and less of a hassle.  Or, the whole administrative team can cross train to have this knowledge.  From setting up Google alerts about the airports and areas frequented by your sales and management teams to building relationships with the hotels you visit are just some ways to make travel a little easier.  If having your in-house team take on this responsibility is unrealistic, think about hiring an outside travel and concierge service as an employee perk.

Taking private charters

Perhaps the absolute best breakthrough in recent business travel history is the availability of private charters.  This way of traveling is beyond advantageous since you control nearly all aspects of your experience. With charter travel, you get to decide what day and time you leave.   This selection process does not mean choosing from a menu of pre-set and pre-selected times. The total experience can be customized. Additionally, you can cut down the advanced window of time in which you have to arrive, since you do not have to strip off clothes and hustle through a busy and unpredictable security checkpoint. You can also change plans on a dime if you need to adjust the time of your flight.  In addition, the seating aboard your fractional, leased or company jet is going to allow you to comfortably relax or work with plenty of space and leg room.  Business teams that travel frequently will find that charter travel is a totally different experience from their typical trudge through a commercial airport.

Creating travel de-stress packs

Part of the stress of travel is the dry air in the carrier cabin, changes in altitude, and the overall sense of urgency and chaos involved in making a flight. An even more simple and easy way to reduce travel stress for your team is to distribute travel de-stress packs.  Travel de-stress packs can be customized and include anything your team would prefer.  Standard in the packs are sanitizer, headache tablets, mints, and gum.  Include an aroma therapeutic spritzer that you can spray on your face while in flight or just after landing to wake up your senses and refresh your mind.  If all else fails, an eye mask that encourages a peaceful rest during the flight is sure to do the trick.


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