How to Train Promo Staff to Create the Best Brand Experience for your Customers

promo staff

In the age of social media, where companies are expected to engage in transparent dialogue with their consumers and maintain a healthy level of customer service, a company’s brand is influenced by what others are saying. But how can you influence what is being said? Generating brand experience through experiential marketing encourages consumers to talk about your brand in a way you would like your brand to be portrayed.  Promotional staff play a large role in instigating this positive brand reinforcement, as they are hired to convey a positive and memorable association with your brand; however, this is by no means a simple feat. The ideal promo staff must be rigorously selected and undergo appropriate training.

The primary purpose of training is for staff to know what the objective of the brand experience is and to inform how they can leave a lasting impression on a consumer.  Therefore, staff must understand how their job performance will contribute towards building the brand; boosting morale by making them feel valued and motivated ensures job performance will fare better.  Promo staff with low-morale may project their negative attitude onto the customers which could ruin the brand experience and image that you worked hard to create.

Although you should select staff with the “look” that fits in with the brand image, don’t just rely on appearance, as communication is vital to create that ideal brand experience.  Promo staff must be aware of what they say, how they say it and they must recognize that their body language also conveys their demeanour and attitude.

Think of your promotional staff as a TV advert. Educate your promotional staff on the product they are selling with information on all the features, USPs and special offers so that consumers are aware what they could be purchasing.  Also prepare them with answers for questions that may be asked as consumers with misunderstanding or uncertainty could have a slightly negative impact on the experience.

This is also a perfect opportunity to form a two-way dialogue with your consumer. Instil and motivate in your staff the core value of the brand which will then be advocated to the consumer.  Promotional staff lacking in belief in the brand cannot expect consumers to be convinced in the greatness or appeal of your business.  Also realize that we absorb the mood of the atmosphere created by individuals around us, therefore, staff must have passion and excitement for the brand for the experience to be effective.

Promotional staff with the appropriate training will establish a valuable experience for consumers which will in turn be rewarding for your brand.

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