How You Can Secure the Promotion You’ve Been Chasing

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When you’re looking for a promotion but it isn’t forthcoming, it can be very frustrating. Here’s how you can make that promotion a little more likely though.


Make it Clear You Want the Promotion


Your boss won’t even consider you for a promotion unless they know that you want one. You should talk to them and make it clear that your intentions are to rise through the business and progress. This is the first and most important step to take, but don’t do it too soon, the timing has to be right.

If you’ve only just arrived at the business, asking for a promotion too soon won’t go down very well. Make sure you’ve had a chance to prove yourself and show what you can do before you approach the boss about a possible promotion. You should also approach the topic cautiously and politely, don’t be too abrasive about it.


Offer New Ideas for the Business


Every good business owner welcomes input and new ideas from employees. So, if your boss is open to hearing what you have to say about the business, put forward some ideas and see how they go down. Putting forward ways to improve the business shows initiative and that you care about the company.


There are many ways in which you can offer ideas to your boss. If you have ideas about how you can improve the business’s marketing strategy, go for it. Give them tips on how to improve the social media profiles of the business or encourage them to focus on app development to reach more people.


Get Your Basics Right


You should get the obvious, simple things right if you want to make a step up and get a promotion. A lot of people when they’re chasing a promotion focus on the big things and forget to take care of the small things that every worker should be getting right. Don’t make this mistake because it could ruin your chances.


So, what does it mean to get the basics right? Firstly, make sure your day to day work is up to scratch. Everything, even the boring work that well dislike, should be completed to a high standard. It’s also important to be polite around the office, dress appropriately and be on time for work each morning.

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Stand Out from the Crowd


The best and most straightforward way to be noticed in the office is by standing out. This will make you more likely to find yourself in a position where promotion is a real possibility. To stand out, you need to make sure your work is above the standard expected by the boss. Don’t be content to just coast along, because it won’t help your cause.


Analyse your work carefully and look at areas where you can improve yourself and do your best to make strides forward in your work so that it stand out to the boss. A big improvement in the work you’re producing will not go unnoticed. So, put in the extra effort if you want the rewards.


We all want to move up the job ladder as quickly as possible, so take my advice and follow these tips.

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