Is Heathrow in Danger?

Most experts consider Heathrow to be one of the world’s busiest, if not biggest airports. Not only does it handle a staggering amount of passenger volume, but a large part of the air cargo which comes to the UK goes through Heathrow’s cargo terminal. Anyone who has arrived at Heathrow from an international flight first thing in the morning can definitely appreciate how many passengers the airport facility has to process. As a result, issues which affect Heathrow’s future do in fact affect the UK economy as a whole. Currently, there are a couple of issues on the table which are of concern, not only to the airlines that use Heathrow, but to the general public as well.


health row 300x199 Is Heathrow in Danger?


Will There Ever Be a Third Runway?

Many experts agreed that Heathrow is nearing full capacity, at least in terms of how many flights it can accommodate on a daily basis. In 2011 alone, it handled 68 million passengers. Some were coming to the UK as a final destination, while many were using Heathrow as an intermediate stopping point on their way to their final destination. With the global economy rising, and the major economies of the world beginning to come out of the last recession, one can expect even more passenger and cargo traffic. Can Heathrow really handle a significant increase in the amount of volume over the coming years? Many believe that a third major runway is necessary for Heathrow to retain its dominant position. However, understandably, nearby residents are not exactly enthralled with the idea. Another runway means more planes, more noise and more pollution. It has become somewhat of a political football.


Some Decisions Get Postponed, Others Not

The Airports Commission, headed by Sir Howard Davies, will not produce its final report until 2015, after the next General Election. It will undoubtedly make everybody, especially politicians, deal with difficult decisions. But at least it won’t interfere with the general political debates which will undoubtedly surround the next General Election. There will certainly be many other subjects that politicians can debate: the state of the UK, the general economy and other issues of interest to the voting public. In the meantime, the consortium of international investors that run Heathrow announced that they had experienced an almost 11% increase in revenue for the first nine months of 2013. Much of this revenue comes from the landing fees that the airport charges every airline for the right to land at Heathrow. The biggest issue is how much the airport will be able to charge for the five years following 2014. The airport wants to charge almost 5% over the cost of inflation, while the airlines argue that a simple adjustment for the cost of inflation should be enough. In the end, whatever the charges are, they will undoubtedly get passed on to both cargo customers and passengers.


Getting Your Distribution and Fulfilment Needs Met

A large number of businesses rely on Heathrow to receive their goods. However, just getting the merchandise delivered to the airport is only part of the equation. Being able to rely on a company that can handle all of your storage, distribution and fulfilment needs is crucial. By choosing a professional fulfilment and distribution service you can ensure that your business succeeds.

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