Is It Difficult To Find The No 1 Accident Claims Firm?

For any service you may want to use, there are nearly always regulatory bodies. If the company has bothered to register with them, this is the first step toward knowing they are not a concern that will mess up the job you want done.  This applies to the personal claim industry as well.  If they are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), there is a good chance they are a reputable company as they should not be offering their services if they have not registered.

If you speak to a friendly and helpful advisor on the 24/7 helpline, that can be a good indication of how they will handle the rest of your claim.  If the frontline staff are surly and uncooperative, it does not bode well for the future of your compensation claim. Do not be frightened to call and ask a few questions about them; they should be happy to answer all your queries.

hospital 300x124 Is It Difficult To Find The No 1 Accident Claims Firm?

You want the information you are provided with to be relevant and up to date so that you can make a decision about continuing with your claim.  If you decide to carry on, they should send you a contract, which you should read carefully before signing it.  Proceeding with no contract does not sound a clever idea, because that is in place to protect you as well as them.

The next stage

So now you know they need to be completely legal themselves and their staff need to have the right attitude, you can start looking for the no 1 accident claims firm.  They should:

·         Help you find out if you qualify to make a personal injury claim, and help you decide if it is the best way forward for you.

·         Give you an estimate of the amount you might be awarded, although this will only ever be an estimate as there are too many factors that need accounting for that prevents accuracy at this stage.

·         They should support you through the whole process of your claim, and afterwards should you need further help.

·         They should deal with the paperwork and administration of your claim, to save you the worry and take the stress away from you.

·         Personal injury claims are a legal process, so many legal terms are often used.  They should translate these terms into everyday language so that you understand what they are telling you and misunderstandings do not happen.

·         You should be kept informed of progress throughout the claim.

·         Their lawyers should be experts in making personal injury compensation claims, and have the knowledge to keep your claim away from court, as well as maximising the amount of compensation you receive.

If you find an experienced law firm who has specialist lawyers to handle your claim, if they have already successfully dealt with many thousands of other claims, and they do all of the above, you have probably found the No 1 accident claims firm, Accident Advice Helpline.

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