Is Your SEO Business Full Of Obsolete Technology?


Obsolete technology means an obsolete business. Failing to change with the times means your SEO business is doomed to failure. So how can you eliminate these technological relics from your business? How do you even know where to start? Have no fear. We’re going to help you through the list of technological antiques that need to go.

5 Is Your SEO Business Full Of Obsolete Technology?

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Old Phones


If your business is still using phones from around ten years ago, you’re missing out on a lot. Phones in business have changed significantly over the last decade. Not only do business phones have a proper hold and reroute function now, but they are also capable of being joined for conference calls. More sophisticated business phones have a login system. It’s a way of tracking employees and their call usage. Once they are logged in your can monitor their hold time, and when the phone is locked and unable to take calls. These new technologies are especially important when dealing with clients.




Fax machines are a thing of the past. For secure documentation transfer, they do still come in handy though. The major problem with faxes is that they are unreliable. The machines can run out of paper, and they can break down. It’s an incredibly inefficient necessary evil. Or is it?


With mbox internet fax, you can receive and send faxes from a computer. Not only is it only for desktops, but smartphones and tablets too. You can send and receive faxes on the go. Not only do you eliminate the inefficiency of lost faxes, but adding mobility to the process increases the efficiency of digital faxes tenfold. That way you can review contracts with potential business partners while on the go.


Old Computers


In businesses with large amounts of computers, it is to be expected that they are quite old. Computers can cost a lot of money. They need to be made to last as long as possible. If you updated all the computers in your business every few years, you would end up significantly less profitable. That said, don’t hold onto anything longer than you have to. If your computers are in excess of ten years old, it might be time for an upgrade. Old computers are far slower than newer models. Slower computers mean less work efficiency. Managing your budget is fine, but at some point slow technology is going to do more harm than shelling out for new equipment.


Old Printers


Likewise, old printers can only serve to slow the work process down. While it’s unlikely you’re using a printer from ten years ago, you need to be aware mechanical failure is more likely in office printers. This is because of just the sheer volume of use wearing down the parts. If a mechanical failure is becoming a recurring problem, you may have to admit defeat and just buy a new one. While temporary fixes are possible, waiting for a workman to come out and fix it just wastes even more time.


These are only some examples of obsolete technology your business could be full of. Don’t be too hasty to upgrade, but don’t be blind to the fact that old technology is inferior either.

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