Lead Paint: All Over But the Lawsuits


Lead paint was once a prevalent and widely used material. From children’s toys to interior decorating, lead paint was the go-to product of the 1970s. But, recent research has shown that lead paint is a lot more troublesome than what we were led to believe. As such, there has been a rise in lawsuits and demise in the use of lead paint.


The Case of San Jose


In San Jose, there has been uproar regarding the use of lead paint. As such, there have been a number of cases that have gone to trial. California has been the last place in the US to use lead paint. But, with companies still manufacturing and producing lead paint in the region, there are calls for this to be ended once and for all. After all, lead based paint can cause a broad range of different issues within an individual’s health.


In California, in particular, there have been some high profile cases regarding this. There are calls for the government to remove lead paint from the region. But, this is not happening as quickly as people would like.


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The Dangers of Lead Paint


A New Jersey lead paint poisoning lawyer has stated that there are some severe health implications for the use of lead paint. Exposure to the product can decrease development in children. It can cause a neural problem that hinders their growth. But, kidney problems, lethargy and behavioural issues can arise from the use of lead paint. The need for minimised exposure to lead paint, therefore, is a must.


During the 1970s, this product was once popular. But, the use of lead paint has since been less widespread in the UK. In California, in particular, there has been some regulation on the use of lead paint. But, there are calls for the government to remove lead paint but they have a reluctance to remove it from all public places.


While, in the US as a whole, there has been a reduction in the use of lead paint. Public policy has ensured that fewer people are exposed to the detrimental health effects of the lead paint; there have been some issues arising with exposure. In 2011, 1% of children still showed signs of lead exposure in their blood. While this is not a dramatic number, it is still a case for concern.


The Rise of Lawsuits


Lawsuits have become more common place in a bid to combat this problem. Governments and manufacturers of the paint are being held accountable for their lack of safeguarding when it comes to issues surrounding lead. Now, more people are using public nuisance laws in a bid to be remunerated for this problem. But, more people are using legislation to ensure that they are remedying the problem.


So, while lead paint may not be used as widely as before, the rise in lawsuits will soon become a critical factor in the US. Lawyers are now working more closely with individuals to ensure that they are not suffering from the health implications of lead paint.

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