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Technology has allowed businesses to progress by leaps and bounds in a myriad of areas. These technological leaps have been made possible through advances in computing technology, systems development, and wireless networking. Yet many businesses still cling to an outdated notion of requiring an extensive paper network. With the advancements in cloud technology, search technology, and other supportive applications, content and document management systems have also progressed significantly. This allows even the most paper intensive processes and industries to benefit from a cloud solution. 

Paper Inefficiency

Document Management Software 300x225 Like Printing MoneyAlthough many companies research going paperless as a means to bolster their environmental profile, the truth is, going paperless is simply a much more efficient solution to managing and accessing information in the cloud. Businesses that have remained paper process focused can be likened to a money printing press. The amount of resources including time, labor, and capital investment needed to maintain outdated paper processes drains corporate resources like printing money. When you think of the time invested in filing systems, the money spent on the extra floor space required to house all the paper and capital investment into printing departments, there are literally millions of dollars wasted in the process.

Paperless Benefits

The move to a paperless office has never been easier with the advancements in document organizer software. By moving your multitude of paper into the cloud, storage becomes amazingly easy. The bulk of paper is replaced by the compactness of bytes. Another benefit is an immediate audit trail for all documentation within the corporation. With the rise of compliance and regulatory issues, document management systems provide an ease of auditing never before experienced. Instead of searching for paper documents that can be misfiled or misplaced, document management provides the ease of a simple search similar to a Google search. Document and content management systems also offer an ability to simplify paper processes into a few clicks of the mouse. Requisition forms become obsolete with simple requests for products or services being actioned upon by the receiving department.

Increased Efficiency

The ultimate goal of reducing paper within a corporate environment is better efficiency with emphasis on both time and money.  In a cloud enabled document management solution efficiencies can be gained through immediate document access for daily operations and in the event of critical compliance and litigation issues. Immediate document retrieval provides the largest and most beneficial efficiency gain for corporations in decades. This immediate retrieval enables employees to effectively complete their jobs at a faster rate, while providing better internal and external service. These services also increase document security as documents are stored on secure servers and all permission rates are granted, limited or removed according to company set policies.

Document Management Software

If you are looking to convert your company’s paper intensive processes into a hyper efficient cloud-based operation certain aspects should be considered. The software provider should have extensive experience in document management solutions in multiple environments and industries. The solutions should provide end to end capabilities that enhance current company operations and provide a seamless transition. The software should at a minimum include solutions for document capture, content management, web forms management, and email integration. This should all be housed in an easy to use software package that allows mobile access anytime and anywhere with an internet connection as well as complete security access control.

Taking your business into the next century with innovative cloud document management software will position your company to deal with future technological innovations while handling day-to-day operations efficiently. Ensure your document organizer software comes highly recommended and has a proven track record. To learn more, please visit

Written by Lauren Ford of Square 9, a developer of highly intuitive, award winning document management software.


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