Moving Your Gas or Electrical energy Meter or Altering Your Connection


Your electricity and gas meter can be moved if you want it to. Some of the reasons for wanting a gas meter moved include:

  • You are building an extension on your home
  • You are upgrading your driveway
  • The location of your current meter is dangerous
  • Your meter is inaccessible
  • You want to install a prepayment meter

The things you need to consider will be outlined in this article, along with how to go about making changes to or moving your meter.

Exactly how to Get Your Meter Relocated

Contact your electricity and gas supplier. They will give you a quote you for how much it will cost for your meter to be moved.

Does Your Provider Need To Do The Labour?

Your supplier may have to complete some parts of the work. This is entitled non-contestable labour. Contestable work refers to the labour that can be carried out by another registered gas engineer or electrician.

Here are some tips to see if the work can be completed cheaper:

  • Get the prices for the non-contestable and contestable work from your supplier
  • Have other independent labourers quote for the contestable work
  • See who is cheaper by comparing the price provided by your supplier and the independent

Your supplier may need to review and approve any work completed by an independent. So it’s important that you check with them first.

Do You Need To Pay To Have Your Meter Relocated?

The meter move should be financed and organised by the landlord of the property.

You may be able to have your meter moved for free if you find it hard to access it and you are on your energy supplier’s Priority Services Register.

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