Need A New Career? Look Here!


The professional world is unforgiving. It doesn’t appreciate people taking second tries. It’s unfair to say the least. When your first choice of a career doesn’t pan out, it can be tough to get a second shot. If you’re getting on in years then you might not think you have a chance to make it work.

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You may have been lost to redundancies. It could be your career is actually being phased out of existence. There are many reasons why people can’t just find a job elsewhere.


Finding a second vocation can take years. You need to be prepared for what is to come. It’ll involve years of education and experience. Both inside and outside the classroom you need to learn. Above all else you need to be naturally good at it.


People rarely get a third shot at a new career.


You have to consider what job sector you are looking to join. The job market is very expanded these days, but you have to think about your needs. If you have dependants like family, you have to find something with wage potential. You either need to be immediately earning enough to support them, or will quickly progress into a role that will.


If you don’t have any dependants, you can be more flexible. You don’t necessarily have to gun for something with high pay. You need enough to survive comfortably at least. In some circumstances, you might have to put up with an internship.


An internship can be paid and unpaid. They are primarily unpaid in competitive industries. There may be a period where you’ll have to work two jobs to sustain yourself. Be ready for the kind of strain that can put on you.


Back to the topic at hand. Finding the right sector for you can involve rigorous amounts of education. It may involve going back even to secondary or high school education level if required. In other cases, it may involve going to classes and lectures specifically designed to teach a subject.


For instance, scientific molding seminars. A lot of practical sciences involve a lot of training to get to a professional level. They require both intelligence towards a subject, and physical dexterity of handling tools and equipment. Overall, the goal is proficiency and knowledge.


More mental-based work like psychology would require significantly more study and research. You would need to do a large amount of reading. The theory is a large part of the social sciences. It requires you to take it as second nature. Even when working practically with people, your thinking must be analytical.


Of course, these are only two examples of potential careers. Social sciences and practical sciences are themselves highly broad and split into several different career options.


You could try your hand at marketing. You could go into teaching. You could even become a lion tamer if you wanted.


Youth may not be on your side, but you’ve got so much more going for you. With age comes experience. Who’s to say the experience from your previous career won’t come in handy anyway?

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