Planning Ahead For The Christmas Season: Three Tips To Avoid Overspending


christmas Planning Ahead For The Christmas Season: Three Tips To Avoid Overspending

Christmas is the time of year when people all over the world are tempted to spend more money than they can afford to buy gifts for friends and family.  During the next year those same people have to deal with the impact of their poor financial decisions, and this causes serious problems that can stick with you for years, or in the case of credit card debt, decades.  As Christmas approaches it is important that you start to think about the ways that you can keep your spending under control so that you can stay financially secure in the next year.

Evaluate Your Shopping List

One of the biggest problems that people have with Christmas is that they buy gifts for people who would have been content without a gift.  Your extended family is a great place to address this issue.  Your kids and your siblings are often people that you want to purchase a gift for, but do you really need to buy something for your third cousin?  Take the time to sit down and write out the list of people that you think you need to purchase gifts for and then put the list aside for a couple of days.  After that cooling off period is over, go back to the list and make sure that you still feel everyone on the list really needs a gift from you.  More than likely you will find that at least a quarter of the list is made up of people that would be nice to get a gift for, but people that you can probably skip this year.

Start Shopping Now

Another thing that yon can do to keep your spending down is to start shopping now.  During the Christmas season stores will have sales on certain goods that make you think that it is a really good deal, unfortunately those same stores usually jack up the price to capture the extra profits to be made during the holiday season.  When you start purchasing key items several months in advance you can comparison shop for the things that you want to buy the most and you can make sure that you are getting the very best value for your money.  When you start shopping early you are also forced to evaluate how many gifts you are buying for the people in your life.  If you run out of room to store all of the gifts that you have purchased for Christmas, and it is still August, then you have probably purchased too many items and it might be a good idea to either return them or rework your list for next year so that you are not spending so much on gifts for the next Christmas.

Place Limits On Spending

Finally, you need to set hard and fast limits on what you are willing to spend overall and what you are willing to spend on each person on your list.  It is a good idea to talk to your circle of friends and your family so that you are all on the same page about a spending limit so that people are less likely to go overboard with their spending.  Remember that sometimes the very best gifts are not those that have the biggest price tag, especially for the adults in your life.  Spend more time considering what you purchase for each person on your list, and the gifts that you give each person will have a lot more individual meaning.  One of the worst things that you can do is spend a lot of money on a gift that you think the person will like, only to find that they did not like or appreciate the gift.  Christmas should be able spreading love and cheer, and so thoughtful gifts are much more valuable than expensive ones.

Shopping for Christmas presents is an annual hassle for a lot of people and families, and it is very tempting to spend more than you can really afford on gifts for people who are not as close to you as you might think.  It is vital for your economic well being that you plan ahead for your Christmas spending so that you can get the best values for the dollars that you spend.

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