Read the News, Get More Business: How Current Events Can Give You a Boost

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With so much going on these days, it can be tough to catch up with the news, whether it’s this year’s presidential election or upcoming events in your neighborhood.  But keeping up with the news is not only good for your understanding of the world, but it’s also good for your business.

In this increasingly complex world, no business exists in a bubble, and news from around the world can impact even the smallest businesses.  But if you look for the connections between the news of the day and your business, you can leverage it to drive your performance.  Get started by trying these three things.

Find New Leads in the News

Whether you read the business section in The New York Times or your local paper, you’ll come across the names of business owners and leaders that could affect your business – if you reached out to them.

Scan the news to find out who works where, which businesses are opening, and whether any new competitors are on the horizon.  Reach out to the people involved and talk about how the news story sparked an idea about how you can work together.  You might not generate new business right away, but business needs change over time, and you may get a call sometime in the future.

Look for New Ways to Do Business

While leads can have an immediate impact on your business, sometimes the effects of reading the news are less obvious.  You could come across a new story that changes the way you deliver products and services.

Keep an eye out for stories about upcoming trends, new products, and new ways of doing business.  If you run a rodent control service, for example, you might read about a new tool that’s twice as effective and half as expensive as the tool you currently use.  While you’d see instant cost savings from adopting this tool, using a new technology could also turn into a competitive advantage for your business.

Follow Your Own Press

As the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity.  That’s mostly true, but sometimes a negative press mention can hurt your company’s reputation.  Get control over it by following the stories.

Presumably you’re using every opportunity to appear on the evening news or in the local paper.  Most of this press is positive, and it turns into a great marketing tool and great content to your website.  But all that good press can be marred by a media-hungry unhappy customer or competitor.  By following the press, you can quickly catch the story and go to work minimizing the damage to your reputation.

Stop the Presses and Start Selling!

Some of your best marketing and business development resources could be right there in black and white.  Start reading the news and find more opportunities to grow your business.

This guest post was written by Michelle, who likes blogging about the relationship between the news of the day and services like rodent control and how it can be a great marketing tool.

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