Switching to a new job


So, you hate your boss, or you hate the commute to work or you just hate the same old routine and fancy a change on the work front and you want to bag yourself a new job. What is the best way to go about this? Read our free guide to getting a new job and you are one step closer to your new dream job.


Think what makes you happy and do more of what you enjoy

When you plan to get a new job, you need to identify what kind of work you are happy doing. There is nothing worse than getting out of bed out of a sense of obligation, or routine. The reality of this type of situation is that you are just going to end up hating the job. Instead, really think about what you enjoy, and think laterally to see how you can make cash out of doing this. This is what many entrepreneurs have successfully done (like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, mark Z. to name just a few). So, if you love gardening, why don’t you ditch the office job and set up a gardening business? If you like long country walks, why not set up a dog walking business? If you start small, you can gradually reduce the hours you work in the routine job you hate and increase hours spent working on what you love doing. Talk to people who already work in the area you want to switch to, to help you make a proper plan of how to get there. You could even approach reputable lenders like wonga.co.za for loans online, credit facilities or just information on what you could borrow for support while you take that first life-changing step to strike out on your own.


Make YOU happy not someone else

When it comes to work, you have to do what makes you happy and not what makes others happy. You really need to examine your life and separate what you want from what others expect of you. It is your life after all.


Get a CV together

If you want someone else to give you a job, get a CV together. Not just any old CV, a professional one. If you don’t know what a professional CV looks like, find out by using Google or buying a book on the perfect CV. You could even send your CV off to be proofread by a professional CV writing company.


Get feedback

If you have been applying to your dream job and you get rejected a few times, well that’s life. Just keep going. However, if you find you are not even getting shortlisted for jobs you apply to, or you never make it past the first interview, then it is time to consider if you are doing something wrong. A great way to evaluate your applications is to ask for feedback on what went wrong, then move on and leave the past in the past, focusing on what you can do to improve your next application. Most employers are more than happy to give you written feedback on why your application was rejected. Being armed with constructive feedback helps you nail the next interview and get that dream job!




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