The advantages of drama-based training


Being a manager is a hugely responsible task. Not only do you have company criteria to fulfill, you have to know how to deal with your team effectively.


A team is only as firm as its members and the strength of their cooperation. Many believe that how well a team works together is a direct reflection on their manager. In an ideal world a team would come together and ‘click’ immediately. In reality it takes a little more work than that.


Regular training is a big part of how well a team works together, with drama-based or experiential training one of the most effective methods.

drama 300x208 The advantages of drama based training

Based on reality


It isn’t called experiential training for nothing. One of the reasons drama based management traininghas such a positive impact on how a team works together is the fact that, through specially-devised scenarios, it is as near to reality as the real thing. This provides valuable insights into how to optimise cooperation and build team cohesion.


The different types of drama-based training mean that there is a method which suits each team. For some situations, roleplay would be the best option – but for engaging larger training cohorts – interactive drama might be a more appropriate choice. The variety of methods means that there is plenty of choice for companies seeking a bespoke training programme.




One advantage of drama-based training is its flexibility.

Drama-based training can be applied to any sector and any type of workplace challenge. It can be devised in such a way that it helps develop concrete skills, such as how to deal with an angry customer, or more behavioural learning such as developing an understanding of company values.




Perhaps the greatest benefit of drama-based training over other methods is how memorable it is, largely owing to the emotional connection participants make while taking an active role in their own development.


You know what they say about walking a hundred miles in someone’s shoes in order to understand them; the same could be said for the deep impact that drama based training has on those taking part.Best of all, the experiences can then be transferred to real-life professional situations.

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