The Five Most Important Things About Your Website


A lot of web marketing types like to feel that the area they specialize in is the most important. It makes them feel better about themselves I guess, and it helps them sell their vision to the people that buy from them. But what is the most important factor that actually makes a difference to your bottom line?

Here are five things, ranked in order, that we think will make that difference and help you rake in more profit. This might raise a few eyebrows amongst the most vociferous proponents of certain industries, but hey; everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And please, if you disagree, let us know in the comments section below.

5/ Your Content

OK, so content is supposed to be king, right? Well, some of it is mighty fine, it must be admitted. But then you scratch beneath the surface and find things like this on Livestrong – “How To Cut Brie Cheese“. It’s at this point you realize that maybe this content marketing thing isn’t actually adding any benefit to the world at all. And, it must be said, that many top content marketing firms retired their blog years ago. So, while a blog can be of use to some, it doesn’t help everyone. Which is why it should be low on your priority list for now.

4/ Your Search Ranking

Now we are getting into the valuable territory. Search is vital to all online businesses, and while it doesn’t mean doom and gloom if you don’t get to page one of Google, you will be missing out on an opportunity. So, what do you do? You can start by hiring a reputable SEO company to help you get your site structure in place. They can also help you strengthen your authority by improving or creating articles or advice for your customers. That should lead to a healthy dose of traffic to your website.

3/ Your Design

But then there’s a problem. All that traffic is just going to leave straight away if they don’t like what they see. Maybe your site doesn’t work as they are expecting. Perhaps it looks like it was built in 1998. It could be filled with grotty-looking link texts and over-the-top SEO in your articles. And that’s just a turn-off for anybody that has visited a website in the last three years or so. Get a web designer if you need help.

2/ Your Copy

If your design doesn’t suck, then you have a chance of a sale. And, because your customer cannot feel, see, or talk to you or your product, it’s going to take some effort to convince them. Which is why you need a copywriter. The right words can woo a person into making the decision you want them to. They can close a sale. And that’s what every online business is about.

1/ Your Product

And finally, the winner. Ultimately, it’s your product that is the most important thing about your website. Is it good enough? You’ll soon find out. But a good product will sell, no matter how little marketing buzz there has been. It might not sell enough – but that’s a different story.  And it might only take a few basic SEO techniques to turn things around. But the other way round? Unless you are in the business of affiliate marketing and ad clicks, they are worthless if the product doesn’t shine. And it’s as simple as that, folks!


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