The Importance of Promoting a Brand


Brand marketing is an essential part of running a business, whether that business is a one person venture, or a huge company.  It’s much easier to market your product or service if you have a brand behind it, and your brand is what will keep people coming back to your company time and time again.

What Makes a Brand?

Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that their brand is their letterhead and logo.  They hire a designer to make a logo for their signs and printed carrier bags, do a few leaflet drops to drum up some business, and then coast on the response they get.  This might work for a while if you run a local business (such as a corner store) and don’t have a lot of competition, but most companies don’t have that luxury.

If customers have a choice of vendor for their desired product, then you need to give them a reason to choose you, and that reason will become a part of your brand.  Think about what makes you “the best” at what you do.  Do you always deliver on time?  Is your product made with only the freshest ingredients?  Is your quality control so strict that your components could be used to make a new space shuttle?  Turn those selling points into things that you’re known for, and over time they’ll become a part of your brand.

Why Does Branding Matter?

Branding matters because it helps customers know what to expect.  It’s unlikely that someone would walk into Harrods and complain about the prices, because Harrods is infamous for being a store frequented by the rich and famous.  By the same token, the furniture store MFI is known for having “cheap and cheerful” products – people don’t expect products from that store to be particularly fancy or hardwearing.  Each store has its own target audience.

By developing a brand, you make it easier to focus your marketing, and you will waste less time dealing with customers that want something that you don’t provide.

Standing Out From the Competition

A good brand image is one that is clear, consistent, and memorable.  If you want to stand out from the competition, you need to make sure that people know that they’re part of your target market, and that you’re here to serve them.  You can make yourself memorable by choosing humorous promotional gifts, investing time into coming up with good slogans (ones that are true, as well as catchy), and by actually talking to your customers.

Remember that word of mouth marketing is just as important as purchased advertising.  A recommendation from a friend to “Try this great pizza shop just down the road” is more likely to generate a customer than a posh leaflet pushed through that person’s door.  In a world where people are bombarded with advertising from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, honest recommendations carry a lot of weight, and they’re something that you should try to encourage as you grow your business.

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