Useful Marketing Methods You Might Never Have Thought Of


Let’s be honest. Most of us know about all the usual marketing methods. We’ve been force fed SEO for the past few years. We know all about Twitter and Facebook. It seems as though the pool of ideas has dried up. That’s not the case, however! If you want to stand out from the crowd, then there are plenty of ways to do so. Here are some incredibly useful (and creative) marketing methods. Some of them you may never have even thought of!


Okay, so this is something you’ve probably briefly touched upon to improve your SEO. However, we’re not talking about a bog-standard company blog here. We’re talking about building something extremely successful in its own right. A blog that encourages a community feel. It could be linked to your business website. It could be entirely separate. Blogging has become so popular, but many business owners aren’t using it correctly. They think that a few 500-word posts every couple of weeks will do the trick. Nope! Create content that excites and inspires. Become an expert in your field. You’ll be surprised at what a huge difference this can make.


tree Useful Marketing Methods You Might Never Have Thought Of


Other Social Networks

Twitter and Facebook are the two most common social networks used in SMM. However, you could be missing a trick. Do you create products that are visually appealing? Try Instagram. Do you post how-to guides or recipes? Try Pinterest. Are you a B2B company? Use Linkedin. Think outside the box when it comes to social media marketing. Lots of businesses limit themselves and miss out on a huge audience. Don’t be one of those businesses!

Print Marketing

Many people seem to think offline and print marketing is dead. They’re so wrong. With most of the focus being shifted to digital marketing, you can find a gap that’s not yet been filled. Business cards are an obvious choice, and most people will still carry these around. How about something a little different? Calendar printing is a prime example of offline marketing done right. It used to be extremely popular and has since quieted down. That doesn’t mean it’s not effective, it simply means people are focusing too much on digital marketing. Send your customers something unique, like a calendar, and they’ll be impressed.

 new Useful Marketing Methods You Might Never Have Thought Of


Make the Papers

If you want to really get your name out there, try and make the papers. Maybe even the TV! PR stunts are becoming increasingly popular methods of marketing. There have been several large companies causing a stir in public. Only to end up on the evening news. What could you do that would get people to sit up and take notice? Hire a PR company or come up with ideas yourself. Just remember, you don’t want to give yourself bad press. Although they say ‘any PR is good PR’, that only really applies to bigger name brands. Ideally, you want to make the papers for all the right reasons.

We hope these ideas have got those creative cogs whirring. Don’t just stick to the same old when it comes to marketing your business. Think outside the box and make people take notice.



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