What You Need to Know When Designing a New Business Website


A big part of every modern business is a top website. You can’t succeed without one, so here are some tips for when you’re designing yours.


Create a Distinctive Theme


Your website needs to look uniquely yours. There are already far too many boring and bland websites out there that could belong to any business. So, don’t add yours to that list; make it distinctive make sure that everyone who visits looking for your business knows that they’re in the right place.


The first thing you should do to create a distinctive theme is make sure your logo is up to scratch. Every business needs a great logo, and it needs to be at the forefront of your business website. Then the rest of the website needs to follow a consistent theme in terms of design and colour scheme.


Don’t Say Too Much


An overcrowded website is never a good look, and it will simply cause people to turn away the moment they see the barrage of information coming their way. A lot of business owners decide that they have a lot to say to visitors to their website, so they just cram it all onto the homepage.


Don’t be tempted to do this though. The websites keep words to a minimum and only say things that absolutely need to be said. This is the approach you should take, keep it as minimalist as possible! You can create separate tabs and pages for extra information on your business. But don’t throw it in people’s faces as soon as they land on your website.


Use Photos and Video


As I said above, too many words is not an appealing look on a website. Instead, you should be using plenty of aesthetically pleasing design ideas like photos and video content. Use photos that are relevant to your business as the background on the website to keep its appearance interesting.


Adding video content to the website gives people something to interact with when they open your website. It can also be a great way to get more people to visit your website. People might want to view the videos you’re making even if they don’t know a lot about your business or what it does.


Make Your Viewing Options Adaptable


Your website’s visitors are all different, and that means they’ll want to be able to view your website in different ways and on different devices. All websites can be viewed on laptops and desktop computers, but they need to be designed responsively if they’re going to be able to be viewed on mobile devices.


It’s not easy to get all the intricacies of website design right, so you should probably get a professional to do this part of the job for you. If you don’t make sure the website is designed responsively, you’ll be limiting the number of visitors to your website because it will simply not work for some people.


35 What You Need to Know When Designing a New Business Website

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Getting your design right isn’t easy, but you can simply ask someone with the required skills to do the difficult stuff for you if you’re struggling.

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